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A welcome from our friendliest robot, CARLA

Welcome to the CARIS Lab Wiki!

This wiki is intended for members of the CARIS group. If you're looking for our public page, please go here. This wiki contains useful orientation information and other lab references. We are a part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia

This is a collaborative venture! If you have an idea to improve the wiki, please do it!

Note: to improve your wiki viewing and editing experience, you can adjust "my preferences" (tab located at top of screen). For example, under Preferences->misc you can change whether headings apprear auto-numbered or not. You can also change the wiki's skin.

Required Reading for All Lab Members

  • Lab Notes - Lab and departmental administrative information.
  • Task List - New Student List, Job Descriptions, and lists of ongoing work in the lab. Please review and update regularly.

Starting Links & Main Content

Here are a few useful links for the wiki (will only work once you are signed in):

CARIS Beginner's Guide

  • Help! - I highly recommend you check this out any time you get stuck editing or formatting
  • Courses - Course suggestions for and by CARISians

CARIS Admininstrative Stuff

CARIS Research Helper

CARIS Tech Docs

  • Equipment - List of equipment in the lab and related technical documents including ROS info. Links to CARIS equipment booking calendar. These pages should be updated each time a piece of equipment is added or removed from the lab. If equipment is borrowed/moved/upgraded it must be documented here. Includes all of our Robots including our WAM and CRS Manipulators,PR2, and RISER platform. (Check here before moving NI equipment!)
  • Equipment Setup - Source for how-to info on how to set up equipment, install software, etc. (note this page - about QUARC - needs to be merged or renamed).
  • Matlab Resources - Courtesy of Matlab "Evangelist" Giampiero Campa
  • Electronics Tips, Tricks, Info - Place for general info, advice, on electronics design and repair relevant to the lab. Find info on electronics specific to equipment on the Equipment List page.
  • PR2_Wiki - Separate Wiki specifically for PR2, people that belong to the PR2 group will have access to this.
  • 3D Printing 3D printing information and instructions on the H700 printer of the lab


Working Docs and Pages

  • Vision_Statement - Draft of the Vision, Mission and Values Statement for the lab developed (Summer 2012)
  • Archive - Where old pages go to die

Questions? ask one of your labmates!!! or bring it up at the weekly meeting :-)